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JPTR FX is a boutique brand that manufactures high-quality effect pedals based in Germany.
Their products with "FUCK YOUR EARS" as brand concept are a great feature that has high quality and beautiful sounds overflowing.

JIVE is a pedal that specializes in a butterfly dirty drive sound.
Recently, high brands are a very low-nuance with a wide range of elegant sounds in the high brand.

While it is a simple looks, the excellence of the control stands out.
The contents are volume, gain knob, and three knobs are diode on / off respectively.
The type of diode is asymmetric germanium in order from above, symmetrical antiparallel silicon, symmetrical antiparallel germanium.
By uniquely combining these, it is the big attraction of this pedal that shows various faces.

As a compressor, as a booster, as a distortion, it is a preamplifier that creates a dirty sound, and it colors your guitar base play with dirty.

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