[USED] BACCHUS WL-JB ASH4 / M TBS # C04777 3.81000

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Bacchus is a Japanese brand based in Nagano.
This model is a JB model that incorporates the essence of WOODLINE, which is the top model.

It is like the same brand, and it is characteristic of smooth swaying.
There is no stress with finger, slap, pick-up, and any way.

Pickups are exchanged for Dimajo Ultra Jazz.
This pickup has a split coil structure and has a single noise cancellation function.
A powerful sound is slightly fatter than pure single coil.

The rest of the fret is approximately 80%.
The state of the truss rod is good, the neck state is slightly twisted, and the tilt is relatively relative to the single string side, but there is no problem unless the string height is lowered.
Currently, the string height is set to 2.0-2.5 mm.
The condition of the body is scattered, and buckle scratches, etc. are scattered.

The weight is lightweight with 3.81 kg.

GIB craftsmen is easy to play and deliver it.

Soft case with
3 months warranty



Weight: 3.81000
FRET: 80%
Trussrod: Good
Neck Condition: Neck Has A Little Twisted But NOT Problem at 2.0-2.5mm Strings Action
Body Condition: Some Damages on Around the body
Any Custom: Pu Changed To Dimarzio Ultra Jazz
Serial Number: C04777
Accessories: SoftCase
Country of Origin: ASIA

It ships in a sturdy cardboard box.
It also supports shipping for overseas.
Will Be Packed with Hard Cardboard Box.
We do not ship internationally.

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