[USED] B. C. Rich MockingBird Special X Blk 4.02kg [Consignment item]

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B. C. Rich is a traditional electricity brand established in the United States in 1969.
Moku's slash, X JAPAN HIDE, and Porno Great Haruichi Shohei, who loves MOCKINBIRD, which is used by Guns's slash, X JAPAN HIDE, and Porno Great HiDe, and Mockinbird is at the moment.

This model arranged AAA grade quilt mappings on the body top, and the binding, one elegant with the artide top finish.

The neck is finished with Srull Neck design using Mahogany.
This ensures smooth performance to the hyposition.

Featured bass that bounces back to the body where the moment he played is shissing, matches hard rock and heavy metals.

The rest of the fret is approximately 90%.
The state of the truss rod is good and the state of the neck is generally good.
The condition of the body is slightly scratched but clean.

Weight is 4.02 kg.

For sale consignment, shipping may differ from our normal price.

Original soft case
3 months warranty


Weight: 4.02kg
FRET: 90%
Trussrod: Good
Neck Condition: GOOD
Body Condition: The Body Is Clean with A Few Scratches.
Any Custom: NONE
Serial Number: # A08081079
Accessories: Original Soft Case

It ships in a sturdy cardboard box.
Will Be Packed with Hard Cardboard Box.

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