[New] Alusonic Custom SHOP J-Special Deluxe 5 Pinkhage Model

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Alusonic is an Italian brand that manufactures guitars, bass and cabinets incorporating aluminum material. In order to carry out most designs and hardware development in-house, all finalized products have high integrity and have a perfect balance in high dimensions. J-SPECIAL is a model that incorporates a body shape that arranged a stylishly arranged trod style. This is based on J-Special and was manufactured as a bassist's pink. The body top is installed so that aluminum is fitted. This is a very unique and elegant finish. Bodyback is ansh of the chamberd. The finish is a thin urethane as the wood grain floats. Usually it uses an original pickup, but in this model, it is custom ordered to DELANO only for Pinkhage models. The preamp equipped with 3-band EQ is originally developed. Boosting and not only the amount of quantity increases, and it is finished in an extreme setting (for example, all full). Also, switch from Flat, Heritage, Muscle from Flat, Heritage, Muscle by mini switch that is not usually installed. Even though it is a light swing, sound is very powerful, one of the largest attractions of the brand. This model also comes with a strap of the model. Life time guarantee Original hard case with E½yBrand newE½z Sentence E½¦