[USED] Fender 1978 Precision Bass BLK / M # s876332 4.39kg

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The 60's fender base follows the price coming out, but the 70's is also becoming the flow as well.
Since 60's, 60's, 70's is 70's goodness, it is natural to say that it is natural.

As a maple fingerboard, I think that it will be imaged with a maple fingerboard, but this precision base is just such an image.
Low-pass density is thick, and there is a sense of security and an incorporation.
Because there is a strong presence component on it, the whole is stronger.

The rest of the fret is approximately 85%.
The state of the truss rod and neck is good.
The condition of the body is scattered with scratch scratches and strangles, and there are great scratches that the wood can expose, so please check carefully with the image.

The weight is 4.39 kg.

Hard case
3 months warranty



Weight: 4.39kg
FRET: 85%
Trussrod: Good
Neck Condition: GOOD
Body Condition: Scratches On Body
YEAR: 1978
Serial Number: S876332
Accessories: HardCase
Country of Origin: US

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