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Melvin Davis's Signature Cup / DI from NUX, which is highly evaluated by providing the latest technology at a low price. The frequency band of the 3-band quadruzer is as follows. BASS: 40Hz, �E½} 12 dB Middle: 160 Hz-1000Hz, �E½} 17 dB TREBLE: 8000Hz, �E½} 12 dB The middle range can be selected for free keenness. Drive is a hit OD flavor. It is not fine as distortion, and we specialize in the production of saturation. Drive sounds are of course with blending control and can be turned on and off. It is an IR feature that wants to mention special mention in this model. It has a headphone terminal or a balance-out terminal (DI OUT), and a realistic sound may be obtained as if it is actually playing in front of the base amplifier. In practicing at home, I think that the headphone will suffer from a lines of cold thin sounds, but if you have this pedal, you will get a monitoring environment near the rehearsal studio base amplifier. Also, IR can be turned on and off separately with DI OUT (headphone out) and normal output. There is this choice when recording and live is saved as a bassist. Although it is a small point, it is nice that AUX IN and headphone out are minipin terminals. If it is a phone pin, a conversion plug is required. To be honest, it was a question that a bassist like Melvin Davis was really convinced to such emerging manufacturers' products, but it is bounced. That's right. The evolution of technology is wonderful, and it feels that our favorite life will be pulled up to high quality. Personally, the first jackpot product of 2021. �E½yBrand new�E½z This page is 8/25 injection. Therefore, orders before 8/25 will be shipped sequentially after 8/25. Sentence