[New] Lava Music Lava U 26 '' AC Free Boost Non-Mounted Model Each Color

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Lava music that attracts attention due to the use of TAKA of ONE OK ROCK. This model is a new generation ukulele that stuffed Lava's latest technology and adopted carbon fibers in the material. Two sizes of 23 inches (concert) and 26 inches (toner) are expanded. Color is SParkle Black, Sparkle Blue, Sparkle Gold, Sparkle Pink, Sparkle Purple, SParkle Red. Besides a complete acoustic model, there are two models equipped with the Free Boost feature. Free Boost is a powerful electronics to operate body back as a speaker. When the power is turned on, effects such as reverb, delay and chorus are applied. In addition, since the body tapped sound by the PU & preamp installed in this model is also output, it also supports percussive play. Body Material: Carbon Fiber Fingerboard: HPL Accessories: SPACE CASE, USB cable Free Boost is a model of 26-inch toner size. E½¦ You may receive time for the ordered product. E½yBrand newE½z