[New] Darkglass MicroTubes B7K Ultra V2 with Aux IN

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Dark glass is a base effector from Finland, amplifier brand.
In recent years, many professional proesists who have been worldwide have acquired worldwide popularity.

This model is a large hit overdrive / preamp.
In addition to deep and intense distortion sounds, it is equipped with a flexible equalizer.

Low Mid, High Mid can be selected from three types.
Changing low-frequency nuances GRUNT switches and high-tone strengths together with the ATTACK switch allows a variety of sound makeup.

It is a fully-type equipment with cabinet simulation, headphone out, etc.

E½ySpec ? terminalE½z

MicroTubes B7K Ultra V2 with AUX-IN Adjusts the volume of the entire. Ideal for fine adjustment of the clean mode output. D. You can also use it as a level control for a Iout.

Controls the mixing balance of clean signal and overdrive signal. The clean signal is a unity gain, regardless of the setting of the LEVEL knob that controls the volume of the overdrive signal, and the mixing of the mix to mix is ??performed with the Blend knob.

Set the volume of the overdrive signal.

Set the amount of saturation of the overdrive signal.

Attack Switch
Set the amount of high frequency when saturated. "Boost" setting emphasizes the presence and becomes a more clear sound. The "FLAT" position does not affect the tone. The "CUT" position reduces the amount of high regions and becomes warm sound.

Grunt Switch
Choose a low-pass boost level before clipping stage from 3 mode and set low band strength.

Boost / cut 100 Hz to E½} 12 dB as a central frequency.

Boost / cuts the frequency selected from 250 Hz, 500 Hz and 1 kHz to E½} 12 dB as a center frequency.

Boost / cut from 750 Hz, 1.5 kHz, 3 kHz, to E½} 12 dB as a central frequency.

Boost / cut 5 kHz to E½} 12 dB as a central frequency.

Direct Output
Balanced XLR output is effective when connecting with a microprimp or PA system.

Ground lift
Disconnect the direct out ground and prevent ground loop. Set the switch to the position of the smaller noise. This switch setting does not affect 1/4 "foniout.

Toggle the ON / OFF of the direct output cabinet simulation. On this switch, you can output a completely bypassed signal to all digital circuits as needed.

It incorporates a 3.5 mm stereo jack headphone amplifier that can be driven by a 16Ħ minimal road. Level adjustment is performed by the master volume control.

Connect to PC / MAC from Micro-USB B connector to load cabinet simulation impulse response (IR) to pedals to control various settings.

It is a 3.5mm stereo input that can connect PC and smartphone etc. The signal input to the AUX input is output only to the headphone out. This pedal does not control the volume of the signal input to the AUX input on the main unit, so control the volume on the device side to be connected. Please feel careful to the volume when using it.

Because of popular products, it may be accepted.

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