[NEW] Woofy Basses Cavalier4 See Through Red [Hyogo Store]

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GIB's original brand, woofy basses, is releasing a 4-string JB model, ideal for "those who want to start playing bass" or "those who are buying a jazz bass for the first time".

We have directly negotiated with factories in China to find the best price and quality at local business meetings. Woofy basses is manufactured under thorough quality control.

After manufacturing in China and importing, the electrical system and string vibration are set up at Geek IN Box by professional craftsmen.

Belden wiring and Switchcraft #11 jacks are used.
Nut, neck, string height, PU, etc. are all adjusted.
The guitar is shipped in the best condition possible.

Special attention was paid to the pickups, which are very important for the sound, and those that produce a clear and crisp sound were installed.
The pickups are equipped with those that produce a clear, crisp, and powerful sound typical of JBs.

While not exactly something that can be used on a professional stage, it offers a sure-fire product for the beginner.

To be honest, the fretwork is not perfect.
If you want it in perfect condition, we can refret it for you.

However, please be assured that there is no problem unless the string height is extremely low.

We do not do secondary distribution (wholesale).
By limiting our sales to direct sales from GIB, we are able to pursue the highest quality while keeping prices low.

Case sold separately
GIB 1-year warranty

Brand new

Color variation

Cherry Sunburst
See Through Red
Metallic Red
See Through Blue
Metallic Blue

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