Electro-Harmonix Pitch fork +

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The ultimate Harmonizer Pitch fork + with a wide range of widths is the new appearance.

-Shift 1, Shift 2, independent volume control for dry sound
? Two outputs of Main, AUX compatible with multiple connection routines
? 100 presets that are unique 10 factory presets and save / recall
? BYPASS foot switch capable of setting "Monometary mode" that the effect will only turn on only while pressing
? Programmable User foot switch that can be assigned various functions such as jump sounds and jumps to presets
-Friken Sea, Grissand, Volume Three Submenu Parameters Exploring Pedals and Controls
EXP input that can be operated with Voltage (CV)
? EXT input that enables control with external foot switches such as Electro-Harmonix Trople Foot Controller
? Based on the original Pitch fork, cross modes that create FM synthhines and ring modulation type effects
Equipped with eight modes that allow various settings such as X-MOD characterized by
-EHX 9.6DC-200 adapter included
-Size 104 mm (W) x 117 mm (d) x 55 mm (h)