[NEW] Sago Tabuchi MK-II 4.17000

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Tofu Tashiya's signature model.

Manufacturing is Kansai's custom guitar brand SAGO.

First of all, it feels a polite built-in and I feel the height of the basic skill.
Built-in, fret work, painting, and generally level are high.

The guitar making is done by the human hand, and it is a hard job that can not be imagined.
Sago, which is finished with this high quality while moving in the ground, it is great.

In smooth swing, the pronuncity and the speed of the reaction are impressive.
This point is opposite to the point of use.

It is a "Iso" that is often told as a charm, but if I do it, I'm getting sick.
It feels contemporary not to put the focus on that point.

Sound feels slightly fat than JB.
The low-pass to high bands are well balanced, especially in the mid-range.

This model is a single volume, one tone and simple configuration.
Personally, I think that the sound of PU balanced is good, but there is a signature model.
(Because it is also possible to accept the modifier of the electrical system, please contact us)

Body: Alder
Fingerboard: Rich Light
Scale: 864mm
Fingerboard R: 10 inches
Side position: Ruminley
Nut: Brass
Peg: GOTOH GB528
Fret: jascar fw47095 stainless steel
PU: NordStrand Big Single4

Original hard case with
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