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Limetone Audio's new product released by releasing a lot of good products and talented professionals.

This is a switcher that manipulates Send Return loops installed by external latch signals (such as bosses).
Build two loops and add options to routing.

It is assumed that it is used under the effector, and the boss effector is just two sizes.
Connect with the TRS phone cable to the "CONTROL1 / 2" terminal, and control LOOP2 on the TIP side LOP1 and RING.

Two loops can be verified by pink and blue LEDs, respectively.

Similarly existing products, the sound quality control is performed by the use of solder.

This was impressed that it was an excellent idea product.
The position of the switch is free, and this pedal itself is laid under the effector, so it does not interference, and the loop can be increased.

Please do try that out.

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