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It is this Woofy brand that planned to deliver 5-string base to as many bassists as possible.

At a local business meeting meeting, we searched directly from the factory where prices and quality are commensurated and brought directly to the end of the preparation and quality management.

Production is China, but a professional craftsman sets up for electrical and segmentation by Geek in Box after arrival.

The wiring material adopts SwitchCraft # 11 for Belden, jack.
We aimed to be a long use by delivering all places such as nuts, necks, strings, PU heights, and delivering them as many as possible.

Especially for sounds that are very important for the sound, it is equipped with a clear and clear pronunciation.
In the front PU alone, it is possible to make it thicker as a precision, and the rear PU alone has a strong hi-medium and rich presence component, and a sedent with a deep, deep.

PJ-based is difficult to balance at the time of mixing, but it tries to make its balance as good as possible.

I think it is a model that is useful for those who are looking for the base of middle class (about 2 to 100,000 yen) from the entry class that can not be used in a professional stage.

The first model of Woofy Basses is JB-style Cavalier5, but there is an improvement point that came out there in cooperation with the factory side.

Especially about the neck and frets, we communicate the request to the factory side, and the quality has lived dramatically.
In addition, we ordered light weight and high quality wood, so we pay for about 3.6 to 4.1 kg.

There is no secondary distribution (wholesale).
It was decided to provide more than 30% more than the price originally scheduled by restricting to direct sales from GIB.

Case sold separately
GIB1 year warranty

�E½yBrand new�E½z

?Color variations
Light Burst
Honey Sunburst

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