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Source Audio is originally having a career history as a synthesizer engineer, and basic functionality is completely different from an analog effector.
This model is the nominal of the Envelope filter, but it is a pedal of positioning like C4 brothers who were developed at the same time.

Filters combine effects such as octavers, pitch shifters, distortion.

Tones with a motif of vintage pedals, as well as further flying sounds and full-scale base Singensounds.

Not to mention edit widespread, the sound is thick and cool!
After all it is the coolness of the sound.
In that respect, I think this pedal is more accepted by modern bassists.

More recommended for funk basesists seeking more simple functionality than C4.

E½yBrand newE½z

Power supply: 9VDC center minus / 2.1mm, up to 195mA
Maximum input level: + 6 dBv
Input impedance: 1MĦ
Output impedance: 600 Ħ
Dimension / Weight: 11.6 cm (Vertical) x 7cm (width) x 5.6 cm (including height / knob) / 280 g

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