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The Bassy of the rock band "Tsuru", Kanderbird's Seed brand version, a Kander Bando model.
It is a clear model equipped with a detail that makes you feel Gibson style with a body balance like a fender and a ham backing pickup.

The biggest attraction is still its sound.
Hambacking, a large and faded, melod sound is an element that is not a fender.
However, it is not that it is completely said that it is a sound like Gibson, but it feels tight and feel more than that.
This may affect the design of the maple neck and Bolt-on.

For bassists who are familiar with fenders, the comfort is familiar with familiarity, and I think that the sound is also a good mix of Gibson's elements.

Even with your finger or pick, either to create a fine sound.
Again, it is recommended for the rock band bassist.

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