[New] Rainger FX Mini Bar

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Rainger FX is a London's effect pedal brand.
Sponsored David Rainger has been a recording engineer, a guitarist as a guitarist, and launched the brand in 2009.

A unique pedal is a very large book brand, but this time it was announced specially unique!
It is an overdrive that changes the sound depending on the type of liquid built into!

Water may be inserted, beer may be put, or cola may be put.
Gain and tone change depending on the liquid.
For example, Mineral Water is trevious in Lau Gain, and milk tea is low in high gain, wine is even more high gain, Doumy, etc. (From Ambrella Company)

Well, that kind of funny pedal.
I do not know if I try to try it, but the fun of trying is the price or higher?

�E½yBrand new�E½z


�E½¦ The color of the liquid cap depends on the individual, so please purchase above.