Dorian james guitar the jay bird # 21

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DJG has a larger customer from Session Musician, Focusing on California.
Solid quality and unique look, it was appreciated by the sound, but now it has become essentially discontinued.

Unprecedented fendering that is based on the basis.
There is a nuance of the names of old-fashioned brands such as Grecch, Gibson and Mozlite, and has established your own style.

All handmade guitars that take out all work such as wood cutouts, molding, and embedded manually.
Now that the component is Now, you're an all-handed DJG guitar, one fret, one fret, and the passion of the builder is poured into one bis.

The Jay Bird is a Jazz Master Body Shape, a Gibson-style rich mini ham backer, a DJG Flagship model featuring a vibrato unit that enables smooth bending.

Body is Alder, neck, maple and fingerboard specially adopt an ebony of 12R.
The fret adopts a medium jumbo gescer.
Shaping around the fingerboard, fine fret work is wonderfully because this point is a handmade work by the personal builder.

Pickup is a choice of MCNELLY GOLD FOIL MINI Humbuckers.
Although not very popular in Japan, unique sounds that are characteristic of the size of the range and good reactivity and air sense are highly evaluated focusing on Builders in the United States.
Special rubber coat magnets and gold covers, specs are also very unique.

Sound is a solid body, and it is characterized by a sense of air like a semi-acoustic guitar.

Smoothness of teeth and tremolo bridge is compatible, and it is particularly compatible with the crunchless drive sound.
A wonderfulness of the separation that can be heard with one strain is a unique point of the model, and it is definitely recommended for the style musician who plays the guitar while singing, and the session guitarist who plays the song mono site.

The guitarist looking for a new guitar in fender style is a model that you want to try once.

The rest of the fret is 95%, the truss rod and the neck condition good.
There is a slight scratch scratch on the body back.

Weight is 4.06 kg.

With original hard case. (Some broken fittings)
3 months warranty


E½¦ Because of consignment, uniform 3000 yen


Weight: 4.06kg
FRET: 95%
Trussrod: Good
Neck Condition: GOOD
Body Condition: Small Scratch On Body Back
Any Custom: NONE
Serial Number: 21
Accessories: Original Hardcase (Some Metal Fittings Damaged)
Country of Origin: US, CA

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Will Be Packed with Hard Cardboard Box.
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