[New] Crazy Tube Circuits Deranged

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Distorted and shaking space Basic function is an Embelope filter for modidelayer. Based on classic design, it has been equipped with deep filtering and control by external express pedal. In order to make it more exciting, this pedal has an analog gate fuzz with crazy -1, +1 and +2 octaves. Astonishing and you will get a synthesound that you have never heard. These two effects can be specifically specifies even if the two footswitches are on and off independently. A crazy effect pedal for guitar, base and synthesizer. Control Crush Side Crush Footswitch: OFF of octave gatefd. OCTAVE TOGGLE SWITCH: Octove on / off. Crush Input: Control of the gatefd input value. Since the tracking of the octave is also involved, it starts with a point that matches musical instruments and pickups. Octave Mix: Low octave and high octave mix control. Crush Volume: Gatef z level control. OCTAVE UP Toggle Switch: Control that selects the above octave from +1 or +2. Filter Side FILTER FOOTSWITCH: Envelope filter on / off. Env Input: Controls the Sensitivity Beverage of the Empelope Filter Trigger. Together with the output level of the instrument. Q: Select the bandwidth that is first sweeped. It becomes full and the widest bandwidth. Decay Toggle Switch: Controls the speed of the filter. Env Volume: Volume Control of Envelope Filter. DRY: Volume control of the original sound. XP Jack: Control of the Envelope Filter. (Recommended one using 100k linear pot) Internal Controls Crushed Volume Trim: Use a small driver to control Crush Side's largest volumes. NOCTAVE VOLUME TRIM: Controls the volume of the octave. spec Power supply: 9V center negative 5 years warranty Crazy Tube Circuits produces high-quality effect pedals at the Mysterious Country Greece, especially for Western musicians. Common to any pedal of CTC is a wide dynamic range, high resolution, and unique effect effect of originality. The drive pedal is dynamic and has no stress and plays because it is easy to play, and sounds in the ensemble are easy. The compressor has a clear, low noise and perfect harmony, and the delay reverb has a beautiful transparency and a unique algorithm. Both are only pedals that you want to try once. "All the pedals they produce are unique and basic sound design is high. It is why it decided to handle it." ()