[NEW] E.W.S.STormy Bass Drive

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PCI original brand, E.W.s..

It is a drive pedal for the base.
The gain width is wide and supports the clean to deep high gain sound.

Middle boost, normal and middle cut can be performed by the toggle switch.
These are finely set the frequency, and the boost is 750 Hz and the cut is adjusted to 400 Hz respectively.

The amplification element adopts a popular FET as a low noise op amp and tube-like texture.
The power supply is 9V, but even if the gain is increased by boosting to 16V inside, the core is not crushed, and a high-tone area with firmness is obtained (with)

In fact, the broadness of the tone stands out.
From a high-compression distortion sound like a dark glass from a classic drive sound of a tasteful texture.

While the usual ultra-compact size, its contents are super full-scale.
Try it.

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