[New] Rodenberg Amplification Commander II for Guitar and Bass

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A distortion pedal equipped with a boost switch for obtaining a deeper gain.

Two foot switches
One is a pedal bypass switch, and the other is a hot mode on / off switch that triples the gain.
If the hot mode is on, the LED will be red, and it will light blue in regular mode.

Hot mode on / off can also be checked by a small LED (when the main LED is off).

Fat boost switch
The fat switch boosting the middle from the row is mounted independently for normal mode and hot mode.
Even in fat mode, the sound has a gilean and there is no lagness of the rise and reaction.

? Effects pedal with one distortion and hot mode (high gain) switch.
Control: Drive, Tone, Level
Foot switch: Pedal bypass, hot mode on / off
-Hot mode: 3 times gain gain. The small LED can check on and off at the time of bypass.
? Unique housing design using stainless steel and carbon.
? Power supply: 9V-18V or 9V Battery
? Power current: 20 mA
Size: 2.4 �E½~ 4.6 �E½~ 1.2 (inch)
? Weight: 0.7 LBS
? 100% handmade in Germany

3 years warranty