[New] Rodenberg Amplification LDP (OD / CB) OVERDRIVE / CLEAN BOOST for Bass

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Overdrive / clean booster containing drive sound to be used with new vintage.


? Includes overdrive and clean booster designed for the base.
? Two circuits are completely isolated and can be on and off by foot switch.
Each of the two circuits is equipped with a deep boost switch with additional bass.
Signal path = base �E½¨ overdrive �E½¨ clean boost �E½¨ amplifier
? Over drive Channel is equipped with a gain boost switch to get a deeper gain.
? The overdrive side is blue and clean boost is equipped with a green jewel LED.
? Tulo by pass switch without switching noise.
? Power supply: 9V-18V
? Product current: 9V (50 mA), 18V (80mA)
Size: 3.7 �E½~ 4.7 �E½~ 1.3 inches
? Weight: 1.1 LBS
? 100% handmade in Germany

3 years warranty

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