[NEW] Crazy Tube Circuits Cyclone

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Crazy Tube Circuits produces high-quality effect pedals at the Mysterious Country Greece, especially for Western musicians.

Cyclone is a multi-effects pedal that contains four traditional analogue Izer sounds.

Because it is faithful to the behavior and modulation behavior of the modeled effector, the familiar sound can be easily obtained.
It is not a new control that is not in the original, and is a modern music scene and easy-to-use design.

This makes it possible to control rich harmonics that have never been before.

It is not exclusive to guitar, but also with a base and classic keyboard gives excellent sound.

In particular, it brings beautiful and fantastic sounds to be combined with drive pedals.

A mode with a motif of a classic 2-stage feve in the late 70's.
A pedal that adds an ambient sound, simulating an organic rotary speaker.

This mode is recommended to set the effects deeper.

Mode with a 4-stage feve after the 70's.
Sounds will respond widely from warm and sparkling nuances to fast modulation.

Let's make a sound that is not originally original by feedback control.

A mode with a 300's classic 4-stage feve motif.
Strong and dirty middle range is characteristic.

Feedback control has a wide range of sounds.

A mode that covers the vibrato sound that made the Feizer born in the United Kingdom in the 90's.
The sound is beautiful and you can get elegance like a boutique.

"All the pedals they produce are unique and basic sound design is high. It is why it decided to handle it." ()