[new] Limetone audio / Focus NX [Yokohama]

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A model of positioning like the company's compressor Focus version difference.
(Although not always positioned as the manufacturer formula, it is among me.)

The condition of the compression can be confirmed by the LED lighting.

The EQ part has been changed from Bass, Treble to Color1 and Color2.
This point is frankly speaking, roamid and himid?
It is a friendly control for the basis.

In the base sound creation, the middle range is a bit cut and it is often clear that the ensemble is cleaned and the low frequency is clear.
At that time, I think that this pedal's Color1, 2 works like a useful notch filter.

It is easy to use on the basis, such as taking the himmed side and put out the marks-like kiles and plus a slightly impossible amount of the raw side.

Also, such controls are also excellent but I want to not mention basic sound aspects.
The compressor has fewer sounds to retract the sound, but this will come out a little while ago.

FOCUS is a feature that matches the flatfulness of Level, GAIN, and the sound of the manufacturer's wording that NX is tuned to increase power.
For bassists, you may not feel much merit in the common pedal that Level and Gain may not feel much more benefits, but in this pedal you can feel the meaning and meaning that it is different.

It can be said that it is a compressor that contributes to a more aggressive sound.

One of the potentials that can be compared with nacahotas such as EBS MultiComp, Aphex PunchFactory, DBX 160a.
How to evaluate this pedal is our next.
What do you think?

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