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Seoul from the 60's to the 70's, a pedal for making the funk air by modern.

These are free to switve a mini switch with Smooth with a juicy low-pass and a light Natsy with a low frequency.

The down / up octave is also included in the same housing, and turns the OCT control to the left, turns down to the right, and the up octave gets both sounds in the middle.

Two effects are freely replaced and their sounds vary greatly.

Connecting the Expression Pedal is also operated as a pedal wow.

To musicians seeking a unique wah sound.

in Gain: Adjustment of the input gain.
SENS: Adjustment of the level of the filter.
FREQ: Adjustment of effects.
Oct: Adjustment of octave effect.
Volume: Adjustment of output volume.
NASTY / SMOOTH SW: Switching NASTY mode and SMOOTH mode
PRE / POST SW: Switching the order of two effects (Pre = Octave> WAH, POST = WAH> OCTAVE)

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