[New] Rodenberg Amplification GAS-707B NG Clean Boost

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It is a clean booster for a base that pushes the sound open and projects a three-dimensional sound image.

The DEEP switch has the ability to push low frequencies.
If this is turned on, you will get a more loud sound, but never the high band will be cloudy and it will not be like a droop.

+ 20 dB Mode
On: Jewel LED (Red) + 20 dB Boost

Off: Jewel LED (Green) + 15 dB

True bypass OR Silent Switching
The slide switch in the case allows you to choose a true bypass or an electrical silent switching using a FET.

Control: Tone, Level, + 20 dB Boost SW, Deep Boost SW
Switching switch of troubypus or silent switching in chassis
Jewel LED (usually Green, + 20 dB mode RED)
Corresponding power supply: 9V-18V adapter, battery
Stainless steel panel
Carefully selected electronic parts
3D sound statue
Power consumption: 20mA
Size: 2.4 �E½~ 4.6 �E½~ 1.2 inch
Weight: 0.7 lbs
100 Handmade Inn Germany
3 years warranty