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A small lightweight amplifier has become prevalent during the basy and finally the waves have finally come to the guitar amplifier.

ONE CONTROL BJF-S66 is a D-class solid state amplifier with a black face vintage fender amplifier motif.

Size is 26.5 x 11.8 x 10.3 cm, weight is only 1.62 kg and amazing small.

Rhythm and LEAD, with two channels each has volume control individually, and the lead channel can control the width of the gain boost.

Although these are equipped with reverb and tremolo effects, they are very high quality with silky.
For reverbs, two channels can be individually set.

The point of EQ is as follows.

TREBLE: 2KHz �E½} 20 dB
MID: 450Hz �E½} 10 dB
BASS: 70Hz �E½} 20 dB

PREAMP OUT is installed that outputs the signal from the preamplifier.
As you can output to other power amplifiers and lines, you can also expect the role as a fine preamplifier.

Multi-tone, lush distortion, brain swaying, which shaken the brain.

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