[New] Mosky Audio Handmade Pedal Black Tw 5150 DISTORTION

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It is a new and spiral effector brand.

This model is a handmade high-end model, and is manufactured using the highest quality parts (IC, capacitor, register, etc.).

With a sound distortion pedal like 5150, a good equalizer allows delicate sound creation.

First of all, please try it.

hand-built effect, High quality capacitors, resistors, IC, The TW: the tightest, thickest highest gain distortions; it sounds more like a 5150 & # 174; amp to them than a distortion pedal, With a solid three band EQ (you can scoop out those mids without it peeking out the lows and highs like so many other pedals) you can emulate some of your favorite high gain tones & # 8211; but, as this pedal is so versatile you can easily find a distinctive tone all of your OWN.

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