[New] Mosky Audio Micro Pedal White Obsessive Overdrive (Fulltone OCD)

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It is a new and spiral effector brand.
It is wonderful to write the name of the pedal made by the motif.

This model is an effect pedal with Fulltone OCD motif.

Very compact housing is also a major feature, which will exert the greatest effect in the minimal space of the effector board assembled like a puzzle.

First of all, please try it.

"Based On Fulltone OCD, -Features:
Drive, Volume, & Tone Controls: Pretty Standard Fare One Most Overdrives for Letting You Dial In The Gain, Adjust The Output Volume, and Find Just The Right Tonal Balance.
HP / LP Switch:. The High-Peak function gives you increased distortion and low-end, thickening up your sound for a more "British" flavor The Low-Peak mode gives you a more accurate rendition of your sound with very little coloration of Your tone
9-Volt or 18-Volt Power: Use A Standard 9-Volt Adapter or Plug in an 18-Volt Power Supply for Even More Headroom.
True Bypass Switching: This Comes Via Fulltone's Very Own Custom 3pdt Footswitch Which They Swear Is The Best in the World.

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