[New] Mosky Audio Micro Pedal Black Vol Attenuator (Signal PAD)

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It is a new and spiral effector brand.
It is wonderful to write the name of the pedal made by the motif.

This model is an effect pedal with MXR Signal Pad motif.

Very compact housing is also a major feature, which will exert the greatest effect in the minimal space of the effector board assembled like a puzzle.

First of all, please try it.

"Vol attenuator based on MXR Signal Pad
Vol Attenuator IS A Passive Attenuator THAT Allows You to Instantly Switch to A Different Preset Volume.
IT's Like Your Guitar's Volume Knob, with a Fully-Passive and Color-Free Circuit.
Leave Your Amp's Volume Set High for Overdrive, and Use The Vol Attenuator to Lower Your Level for A Clean Sound-
Then Switch It Off To Kick In Your Amp's Natural Overdrive. You Can Also Experiment With The Signal Pad Anywhere in Your Effects Chain-
You'll Bring Out New Tonal Combinations from your favorite old pedals.

�E½yBrand new�E½z