[NEW] Bacchus BJB-1R-FL 3TS GIB MOD. [Hyogo store]

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Geek IN Box modifies the Bacchus Universe series fretless jazz basses, which enjoy a strong following due to their high quality.

The nut groove, which is more important for a fretless bass, was readjusted, and the neck relief, string height, and PU clearance were set up according to GIB standards.

The electrical system was rewired with Belden.
The wide range of the tone evokes a fretless singing tone.

Capacitors are changed by GIB select.
This extends the treble range, and when the capacitor is turned down, the attack of the high midrange that controls the groove does not disappear, but is pushed in the opposite direction.

It is more than enough for your first fretless, and is perfect for a sub.

*The image is a sample.
Wood grain may vary.

New] [New

Text: Shunsuke Saga

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)