[NEW] Providence BDI-1 Brick Drive

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Providence recognized as a brand to represent Japan with a solid product.
Especially, the assessment of the base-related pedals is high and is also greatly trusted from the proceeds.

The impedance is converted to the high-quality sound through Vitalizer B of the buffer with a reputation in the input stage.

The preamp is based on a large number of bassists highly valued DBS-1 (+ MID free keenness) design.

BASS: 60Hz �E½} 14 dB
MID: 150 Hz-1kHz �E½} 14 dB
Treble: 3kHz �E½} 14 dB
Presence: 7.5 kHz �E½} 14 dB

The drive circuit is independent and switches on / off by the foot switch.
Even if it is natural and distorted as a sound character, the sound image is blurred, and the drives can be added with the mix control keep the original sound kept.

One of the two foot switches can select the drive circuit on / off, and one other can be a pedal bypass or mute.

A great product that packed the necessary functions in the field as possible.

Private power adapter included