[NEW] Providence DBS-1 Dual Bass

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Providence recognized as a brand to represent Japan with a solid product.
Especially, the assessment of the base-related pedals is high and is also greatly trusted from the proceeds.

This model is a high-quality base preamplifier of 2 channels.

Two input jacks are prepared, and two different basses can be controlled by independent circuits.
You can also use two-line preamps to switch and use it if only one input jack is used.

EQ is a simple 3 band (+ MID free keenness).
BASS: 60Hz �E½} 14 dB
MID: 150 Hz-1kHz �E½} 14 dB
Treble: 3kHz �E½} 14 dB

The parts to be used are audio grade and power supply use a dedicated 12V adapter, which is boosted to 24V internally.
This gains a wide range of ranges and a headroom to play without dynamics.
By the way, using a 9V adapter, it is driven as a 18V power supply, and the effect of the knob also changes slightly. It is a trick.

Since it is assumed to be used in a professional site, low noise levels (-95 dBu) and high frequency distortion rate (0.01% or less) are realized.

It is a professional model and fieldist model.

A dedicated adapter included.


�E½yBrand new�E½z