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In recent years, it is a blank boiling effector brand in a beautiful looks quality, vivie

This model is a compressor for the base.

The basic sound is not a transparency like a studio class compressor, and it receives an amplifier impression with a more fat.
However, there is no impression as much as EBS MultiComp or MXR Dynacomp, and I feel a little tight.
It is a highly unique sound, but I think it is full of practicality conforming to modern bassists.

Simple controls are reminiscent of MultiComp, Dynacomp, and Punch Factory, which are considered to be a masterpiece, but it is possible to make a sound made in step further.
The basic control is a volume of volume Level, tone to adjust the color, and COMP that makes the strength of the tank.
TONE is wide and natural sounds can also be changed to sounds that have more emphasis on high range.

It is a mini switch that switches the attack time provided on the body side.
This can easily switch between natural nuances and percussive nuances.

A compressor that requires a complicated setting is a surprisingly simple UI, and this point should be made into a sound immediately at the site, or a big attraction for a bassist who tired of the compressor's complicated controls is.

It is not easy to understand, practical, pedal type compressor, ideally in the form of a form.


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