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In recent years, it is a blank boiling effector brand in a beautiful looks quality, vivie This model is a versatile control with a variety of controls, with a variety of controls, and the preamplifiers are also strongly involved. It is an impression that the control, the tone of the tone is aware of Darkglass, but it is an impression that has fewer arbitrary nuances. A unique byte feeling, composit is a pleasant drive sound, and even if the gain is set higher, it is characteristic of clear and three-dimensional sound images. I think this point is exactly designed as a pedal for the base. There are also few dynamic range, and there are also few products that are collapsed, but this pedal has no such stress. It is also a point that you want to choose the middle range free keyphime with mini switch and have a bright switch. These have a clear intention and can largely arrange characters as distortion pedals. For example, it is clearer that it is clearer than turning on 800 Hz to turn on the bright switch, and a flashy tone can be obtained. It looks particularly good for the sound in high gain. Conversely, 400 Hz is boosted, the bright switch is off, and a slight saturation feeling is a pleasant old school impression. This is likely to match Lau Gain. The big difference with the dark glass is that this low-gain sound is wide. As the design of the mini switch and EQ mentioned here is great, it feels useful as a cleaner-oriented preamplifier. This is a great product. E½yBrand newE½z Sentence