BACCHUS BTB-PJ Geek in Box MOD. Each color

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BTB series following BTB-1M with big hit.

Split coil to the front, with a single coil pickup with a single coil pickup, the pick guard and control plate are Old style.

The width of the sound is wide and versatile.

Cool look for questions. There is no mistake.

Make Belden # 8503 (US military standard) with Geek in Box and rework. Inexpensive models often do not have fitness in the electrical system, but upgrade up this point.

In addition, setup about string vibration is also performed, and it will be delivered after ensuring a state where it is easy to play with picks, fingers, slaps, and any style.

Color is 4 color development.
? TBS-MH rose fingerboard
? GRM-MH rose fingerboard
? 2TS maple finger board
? BBD-MH maple fingerboard

MH is the meaning of the matching head.

Since the modification is given, and it may be ordered, it may take some time until delivery.

The delivery company is either Japan Post, Sagawa Express, and Seino Transportation.
Specifying a delivery company and a datetime can not be specified depending on the vendor. Please note.

Body: Poplar
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Maple or Rosewood
MachineHeads: Open Gear Type
Pickup: Original PJ Type
Control: 2 Vol, 1tone
Scale: 34inch
Width at Nut: 38.0mm
Fingerboard RADIUS: 400R
Finish: Urethane:
String: Round Wound String, .045 / .065 / .080 / .100
Accessories: Soft case, warranty card, wrench

Price: 37800 yen