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KZ Guitar Works, who holds workshops in Kashiwa City, Kanagawa Prefecture is a focused domestic high-end guitar manufacturer that has become significantly known by making the official signature model of Brian May Red Special in the past. Of course, RED SPECIAL is highly rated, the manufacturer's original model is highly appreciated with excellent playability and high-quality sound, and now the guitarist who starts Mr. Katitsumi Watanabe is used.

Scale adopts general fenders and 635 mm between Gibson. There is no fender or Gibson, with exquisite responses and smooth string vibrations. This nuance seems to be PRS that adopts the same scale.

Bodyback, neck, mahogany, Bodytop, Beautiful Figure Do Maple, Rosewood for fingerboards. As you can see, all are the best.

KZ Original Pickup "kgw", which balances a wide range from low end to high-end, is produced as a 60s british tone. Bobbin shape, full original products that are particular about how to wind the coil, the noise measures against the modern product are no longer compared with the conventional single coil. It takes a sharp sound that does not have to be wilderly than a traditional single coil pickup.

It is a model that literally made stratocaster with "KZ ST", but the shape is slightly small and the body thickness is as thin as 4.5 mm. In addition, stratocaster is designed with a joint position of 16 frets, but in this model, the ability to access high positions is excellent for high positioning because it is 19 frets and deep cutter ways.

Controls have two switches in addition to PU selectors, volumes and tones. By using a mini switch, switch the PU wiring at the time of halftone to the series and output a powerful sound as a Hambacker. The tone is a push-pull switch and outputs a phase out sound at the pull position. Simple control, but with various sound variations, one of the major features of this model.

The sound is tightened and the sustain is long and smooth. KGW pickups are independent or each strangle intonation, and the tenderness of the chord when playing with the code is a very unique point. Fender and Gibson's intermediate scale, set neck, deep cutaway, thin body, and PRS and PRS are many, or the comfort is also possible, or it will be similar to anywhere.

There is a variation in the KZ ST pickup layout, but this model has a relatively traded layout. I think that it is a friendly sound for those who are used to fender strat caster.

It is a high quality guitar that you want to try once a player who is active in many sites. How about this opportunity?

With semi-hard case.