[NEW] Limetone Audio LTV-30L-ILM (Right-Footed)

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Limetone Audio Flagship Model. It is this volume pedal that was highly evaluated by all professionalmus screws and explosively improving the maker's knowledge.

If it is classified, it is a modify product of Boss pedal. All wiring parts are removing manual and point to point. The audio circuit itself is passive and can operate without battery. Organic sound images that do not have extra sounds and do not draw the necessary sound.

In addition, this model is a "illuminated" model that separates the volume into 10 steps and displays by the side LED. The display of this LED fluctuates against the auditory volume rather than moving the pedal. I think it is a specification that snugs in the musician situation. The display of the LED can be selected from bar mode, dot mode, and LED OFF.

Connected terminals: INPUT, OUTPUT, TUNER OUT (all mono), DC9V IN (center negative)
Operation terminal: Mode switching switch
Accessories: Instruction Manual, Warranty
Outside size: Width (W) 82 mm, depth (D) 192 mm, height (H) 58 mm
Consumption Current: Up to 90mA
Weight: 825 g