[NEW] Limetone Audio LTV-30H

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The top professional occurs at the foot, and the flagship model of Limetone Audio, which spreads its name at once in one year.

Based on BOSS FV-30, all wiring in the middle is rearranged at point to point. The combination of wiring materials and solder that seems to be infinite is carefully tested and manufactured with a combination that applies to music genres.

The volume pedal is a required pedal depending on the scene, but it is an item that requires a more concern for the change in sound quality. Even if there is a volume pedal, you will be asked to have a smaller sound quality change as if it were there. The characteristics of this pedal are musicians with hyphiles. The sound quality is keep even if all ranges change the volume flat.

From the following maker site
Connection terminal: INPUT, OUTPUT, TUNER OUT (all mono)
High impedance

Accessories: Instruction Manual, Warranty

Outside size: Width (W) 80 mm, depth (d) 192 mm, height (h) 58 mm

Weight: about 820g