[New] All Parts Omega Bass Bridge Grooved for 4Strings Various

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Copy model of legendary base bridge, BADASS II.

High-quality guitar part manufacturer ALL parts product.

We are specifically specifically by BADASS II in repair or custom, but we are convinced that the sound and the comfortable comfort are met.

The grooved Grooved model is three types: chrome, gold and black.

You may receive time for ordering.

Zinc die casting
Pitch between strings: 3/4 "(about 19.05 mm)
Size: 3-7 / 32 "(about 82mm) �E½~ 2-15 / 32" (about 63mm)
Weight: about 249g

Nickel 13000 yen
AllParts Product Code: BB-3351-010
Black 9000 yen
ALLPARTS Product Code: BB-3351-003
Gold 15100 yen
ALLPARTS Product Code: BB-3351-002