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High dimensional compressor Optical compressor and FET compressor, two studio quality compressors with one housing stamp pedal. Both effects have the effect of arranging tones richly and blended by blending without compression effect. This point is the same specification as the compressor used for recording. The noise level is very low, and it corresponds to all instruments such as bass and guitars. Optical compressor Using carefully selected photocells, you can get musical compression with unique attacks and releases. Even if it is very natural, it may not be aware of the effect even if it is turned on, but I will always fall in love when it is gone. FET compressor It is possible to adjust the attack and release finely and you can get a clean and rich sound. Even if you make an extreme setting, you will get musical sounds like the FET compressor used in the studio. Control FET, OPTO Common Control INPUT: Control of signal level entering the circuit. It works like a threshold. OUTPUT: Output Volume Control. Blend: Blend control of the compressed signal and the original signal. RATIO: Adjust the condition of the compression. This condition is different in FET and OPTO, and two styles. INPUT GAIN INTERNAL TRIMMER: Controls the input gain to avoid problems such as distortion. FET / OPTO TOGGLE SWITCH: Switch two types. FET only control ATTACK: Controls the time until the compression starts with 0.033MS-22MS. Release: Controls the time until the compression stops with 0.18S-3.5S. Compression Ratio (CR) INTERNAL TRIMMER: Controls the Ratio range in FET mode. spec Power supply: 9V center negative 5 years warranty Crazy Tube Circuits produces high-quality effect pedals at the Mysterious Country Greece, especially for Western musicians. Common to any pedal of CTC is a wide dynamic range, high resolution, and unique effect effect of originality. The drive pedal is dynamic and has no stress and plays because it is easy to play, and sounds in the ensemble are easy. The compressor has a clear, low noise and perfect harmony, and the delay reverb has a beautiful transparency and a unique algorithm. Both are only pedals that you want to try once. "All the pedals they produce are unique and basic sound design is high. It is why it decided to handle it." ()