[NEW] Crazy Tube Circuits Time Gold MK2

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Magnetic tape to sprinkle past Time MK2 is a delay pedal simulating magneto drum echo. The sound filtered by a high-quality recording device is beautiful, warm, and musical. I think it is a delay sound that has never been heard so far. It is also excellent in functional side, and the tempo is set correctly by tap tempo or knob, and selectable from quarter notes, 8-way note, and three-way marks. Very modern and reasonable control. Press and hold the footswitch to enter the hold mode. Control M / sec: Controls delay time from 130ms to 1 sec. More: Mixed delay sound in original sound. Tail: Control the number of repeats. Oscillate with Max. (MOOD is also in the state of Max) MOOD: Control the tone of the repeat sound. TAP TEMPO FOOTSWITCH: Control Delay Time. The tempo is controlled by either the M / Sec knob or the Tamp Tempo Footswitch. Divisions Toggle Switch: 8 minutes, 4 minutes, control the delay type from 3 stations. HOLD MODE: Works by making TAP TEMPO FOOTSWITCH stepping. Hot pressing will cause intense feedback. spec Power supply: 9-12V center negative Bypass Switch: True bypass 5 years warranty Crazy Tube Circuits produces high-quality effect pedals at the Mysterious Country Greece, especially for Western musicians. Common to any pedal of CTC is a wide dynamic range, high resolution, and unique effect effect of originality. The drive pedal is dynamic and has no stress and plays because it is easy to play, and sounds in the ensemble are easy. The compressor has a clear, low noise and perfect harmony, and the delay reverb has a beautiful transparency and a unique algorithm. Both are only pedals that you want to try once. "All the pedals they produce are unique and basic sound design is high. It is why it decided to handle it." ()