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There are many types of pitch shifters and octavers, but there are not many simple and sophisticated ones with simple and sufficient functionality.

Multifunctional modern octar bars The main model of the modern tone is a lower sound and a high noise function, and the width of the pitch is allowed to change freely between the original sound and 1 octave. 3 degrees, 5 degrees, 7 degrees, as well as unison who divided the disublic sound and octave. This pitch is seamlessly changed in the exp pedal. Besides, it supports input in polyphonic, and it does not have to be a neural nervous.

Furthermore, it is SMOOTH knob who wants to mention it. This knob has a function like swell, making pronunciation by adjustment to give a gentle attack like violin. The condition of that change is also very high sensing.

Control is simple, low sound and high sound pitch, level, in addition to tone, original sound level, and smooth. It also supports preset, and it can be said that it is very good usability.

The sound is clear and fully high quality. This hand pedal has excellent tracking performance, which is easy to get in question, and can play without feeling stress at all with polyphonic support.

The super-cheaper price setting is no longer meaningless, while having the same different dimension sound in this size.

It is a super-yochipedal. Try it.

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