[New] GIB Basic Stack Knob Circuit Wired Belden Regular Wire

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Fender, started in 1939, announced its world's first solid-based precision base based on 1951. In 1960, we announced a jazz base with advanced design.

Controls that have been adopted only for 1 to 2 years from 1960 are 2 Volume 2tone, one volume and tone are attached to each pickup, and knobs are of type of type called 2-stage stack knob bottom.

There is also a design that only a few minutes was adopted, and in modern species this specification is not a standard.

But many vintage lovers who feel attachment to this stack knob also existed, and many of the base heroes of Electric-based Genesis were using this style jazz base.

This product is a wired control circuit that customs 2 Volume 1tone, 3 knob circuits 2Volume 1tone, 2Volume 2tone, and a circuit that can be custom for stack knob circuits.

Around the pick-up, all wires have been wired to just wiring around the ground. All parts use the finest one.

Pot-CTS stack
Capacitor-GIB Select
Wire-Western Electric Vintage Wire (14300 yen) or Belden Regular Wire (13200 yen)
Control plate-MONTREUX

The plate of the age of the age of the age that was originally adopted by the stack knob is not discontinued, but basically the discount is basically insulated as a repetition. Of course, if you contact me, it can be ordered even if it is not discontinued.

It is a little maniac item, but how about trying to this opportunity?

Manuals are not included.
The installation is possible if it is an individual, but it is recommended that you ask a specialized shop if you have anxiety.
Even GIB also requests installation requests, and the cost is 5500 yen (tax included).

Prices are set by wire.
Western Electric Vintage Wire (14300 yen)
Belden Regular Wire (13200 yen)