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This item is JMVC of a typical model.

Large pole piece ferrite magnet than usual, ceramic magnet is used is under the pole piece, you can see that with the aim of completely different direction from the Alnico 5 been the mainstream in the past.

JB sound surprisingly at the time of the mix. But to show their ability would when you shook the balance front, to the rear.

Rear and a tend to become Tomosuruto thin in the single coil alnico, front that too boomy, backed by solid middle each with the Delano, will be output with the establishment to quality.

The Delano pickup has a strong middle in common. This rich middle, you can successfully produce a base of the lodging area in the sense of attack and ensembles. Also the ability to play to clear up the 5-string bass low-end It is a noteworthy point.

In particular, with respect to the classic Fender type was mainstream to pursue the old sound, but, Delano presents the possibility that different.

It is the product that are worth trying.