StringJoy For 6 Strings Electric Guitar

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StringJoy is a maker of Nashville producing high quality guitar strings with a small number of elite.

I'm not well known in Japan, but in the United States, trust from the promnant chain is thick and proud of high popularity.

A handmade StringJoy enters all the processes of manufacturing and tight quality controls.
Therefore, the probability of contamination of so-called husband is as low as possible, and only a fine string is packaged.

We adopt balance of balance dotance that optimized each string tension.

The high-carbon HEX core wound the finest American Nickel is a StringJoy is too bright, and it is characterized by the good balance of balance.

Handwound, high band is modest.
The harmonics from the low end to middle tones are very rich and beautiful, and one piece of strings have enough contours.

It is one of the big features that the reaction to picking is very straightforward and the control is very wide.

Also, using a fine material, handmade carefully made Stringjoy has a silky feel.
Smooth performance will be a friendly friend of many guitarists.

Please stick to the material and try it based on the correct craft manship, please try it.

There are Yu Pack and letter pack options in order confirmation, but shipping uses Japan Post-post postboat service.

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